Tribute to East Tennessee Racing - Page 4
Photos from the various race tracks
in East Tennessee through the years.
(Please be patient. Page contains many large photos.)

Charlie Hughes in 1976.

Steve Smith in #14 at Atomic in 1976.

Buddy Rogers at Atomic in 1976.

Bill Ogle displaying his 1975 Atomic championship trophy.

"Little" Bill Corum at Atomic.

Ken Phillips in #91.

Tootle Estes in the familiar #6 at Atomic.

Herman Goddard and the #22 at Atomic.

Melvin Corum from 1976.

Clay Kelley at Atomic.

If you have photos that you would like to contribute,
please email me. I am looking for any pre-1990 photos
of racing at any east Tennessee track, dirt or asphalt.