Tribute to East Tennessee Racing - Page 53

Zeke Buchanan at Atomic.


Zeke Buchanan getting the win at Knoxville Raceway.


Bill Rogers, Zeke Buchanan, Roger Blair, J.T. Kerr,
Arthur Huskey, Bud Owens, and Bill West at Knoxville Raceway.


Arthur Huskey talks to Johnny Gibson at Rogersville.


Sonny Huskey's first win at Atomic Speedway.


Arthur and Sonny Huskey in 1968.


Bud Owens, David Murphy, Bill West, and Arthur Huskey at Knoxville Raceway.


Johnny Gibson leading the way at Rogersville.


If you have photos that you would like to contribute,
please email me. I am looking for any pre-1990 photos
of racing at any east Tennessee track, dirt or asphalt.